Church Creek Presbyterian fellowship founded the Charleston Christian School in 1981 solely to educate children of Christian Families. As a ministry of Church Creek Presbyterian, the school board and the CCS ministry are under the oversight of its spiritual leadership (Elders).


The Charleston Christian School is unique in that for over 30 years its focus, dedication, and commitment has been to provide academic excellence to the children of Christian families, serving a diverse group of Christian families that attend many of our area churches. The ministry of CCS is designed to help Christian parents fulfill their biblical responsibility. Charleston Christian School places God in the center of education. As such, the Bible is the very foundation of every academic discipline. It teaches that God is the Creator, has a purpose, and sustains that purpose. Charleston Christian School seeks to provide a strong biblical framework with an academic emphasis that complements the teaching of the home and the church. CCS is dedicated to training young people in Christian growth and development. To do so, we aim to foster spiritual and moral growth, stimulate intellectual development and encourage creativity.

As an extension of Christian homes and as a partner of other Christian churches, we strive to help children develop their full potential as they become successful, confident, joyful citizens of God’s Kingdom living in the present world. Please visit The Charleston Christian School website for more information.