Foundations of the Christian Faith: Introduction to Systematic Theology

Revelation - D.B. Cummings

Attributes of God (Part 1) - Pastor Michael Walters

Attributes of God (Part 2) - Pastor Michael Walters

Trinity - Jared Murrell

Creation - D.B. Cummings

Doctrine of Man - D.B. Cummings

Covenant of Works - Pastor Michael Walters

The Fall - Jeff Beall

Original Sin - D.B. Cummings

The Covenant of Grace - Pastor Nick Batzig

The Person and Work of Christ - Pastor Nick Batzig


D.B. Cummings


Beatitudes (Part 1)

Beatitudes (Part 2)

Salt & Light

Fulfill, Not Abolish

Anger & Lust


Oaths & Retaliation

Loving Your Enemies and Living With the Father

Lord's Prayer

Vision Choices

Hebrews 11

Dean Walters

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


D.B. Cummings