Over the past decade, Pastor Batzig has produced numerous articles and posts, as well as other teaching resources, in order to help parents think through aspects of their parenting of covenant children. Additionally, there are many good books and audio resources to work through by trustworthy authors. Here are a few that may be of assistance to Christian parents: 


Little Eternal Beings

5 Reasons to Keep the Kids In

Teaching Our Children the Raw Parts of Scripture

Don't Leave Those Kids Alone

The Household Baptist

Bringing Our Children to the Table

Father-to-Son Talks

As Seemed Best to Them

The Family Idols

Tuned In Parents on the Technological Frontier

What is Brotherly Love?

Back to School, Back to the Bible

What Do You Do When They Stray

Audio Lectures

Family Worship (Part 1)

Family Woraship (Part 2)

Family Worship (Part 3)

Study Bibles

Reformation Trust Publishing (a branch of Ligonier Ministries)

ESV Reformation Study Bible, Student Edition

This Bible is set for release on 12/28/2021. It is perfect for Middle School and High School aged students. Pastor Batzig wrote quite a bit of the introductory material in this Study Bible. 


Jason Helopoulus 

A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home

Let the Children Worship

Kevin DeYoung 

The Biggest Story

David Murray

Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Children

Nancy Guthrie 

One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters

Starr Meade 

Trainging Hearts, Teaching Minds

Stephen J Nichols

The Church History ABCs


Dana Dirckson 

Songs for Saplings

Questions and Answers, vol. 1: God and Creation

Questions and Answers, vol. 2: The Fall and Salvation

Questions and Answers, vol. 3: Christ and His Work

Questions and Answers, vol. 4: The Word of God

Questions and Answers, vol. 5: Prayer and Sacraments

Quesation and Answers, vol. 6: Christ and His Return\

Timothy Bringle

The Acrostic of God

Andrew Peterson

Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies